Academy Training Policies

Be on time. This means you are on the field, dressed and ready at the scheduled time training starts.
Parents be on time at the end of the training session to pick up the children.
Be properly equipped as per the equipment page.
Team training conflicts
We do not permit players to attend more than one AYSO training session per afternoon/evening. Trainees are not allowed to attend TAGA prior to or after a team practice. In the event of a schedule conflict (the most common being a scrimmage or a team bonding event at the beginning of the season) simply request an excused absence. A trainee may not be attend a partial TAGA training session to attend a team function.
For Tustin trainees:
Region 96 has a guideline limiting players to three AYSO events per week (typically two training sessions and one game). Trainees are encouraged to discuss their involvement with TAGA with their coach while being mindful of family and school commitments. Players and their families who find that exceeding this guideline for soccer each week is an excessive burden on their schedule or leading to burnout and deteriorating the player's enjoyment are encouraged to talk with their coach about substituting one of their team's training sessions per week with goalkeeping training.