Academy Admission

We admit registered AYSO players who desire to play in the goal with the determination to improve their goalkeeping skills, the dedication to attend the Academy weekly and train on their own, and the mental and physical discipline to studiously endure torturous workouts continually seeking that next level of performance. The goal is to achieve that next level of performance through hard training and then to seek the one after that. Perfection is not a destination, but a journey. The TAGA trainers are your guides on this journey but success rests ultimately with the goalkeeper and their desire, dedication, determination and discipline.
Space is limited and the number of requests we get each year grows.  We feel that TAGA has expanded to its maximum size - as to grow further may diminish the training for those enrolled.  We will need to be even more selective in the future.  Goalkeeper selection into the program is based on the keeper's demonstration of their desire, determination, dedication and discipline. we will notify a qualified applicant to attend a skills evaluation session to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the academy. Preference is given to those children of volunteers who referee, coach, serve as board members or team parents, and others who hold a significant position in their region, area or section. Although we are based in Tustin, we have many trainees from outside Tustin.
If you believe you can demonstrate to us you have the Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline to work hard and succeed, please send us an inquiry.

Each trainee is required to:
1. Bring to the first training session two (2) signed copies of their current AYSO registration form.
2. Maintain an academic standard that's satisfactory to his or her parents/guardians.

3. Have no more than ONE unexcused absence during the training period or risk being dismissed from the program.
4. Have no more than TWO tardies during the training period
or risk being dismissed from the program.
5. Attend at least 75% of the training sessions per
training period or risk being dismissed from the program.

New trainees requirements:
1. Attend an evaluation session.
2. Provide a note via email from the current coach certifying that the trainee is playing at least half the game in the goal.
3. Provide a note via email from the home region/area/section certifying that a parent is a current and active volunteer as coach, referee, team parent or board member/staff.

Tustin AYSO beginner goalkeeper families: Please sign up for Goalkeeping training Jr. TAGA using the AYSO Registration software.

If you are a returning TAGA Academy trainee please use this link for yearly readmission.